#UpdateWednesday Roundup – 3 June, 2015

This is the first in a new series of posts I’ll be writing each week to cover the latest app updates on Android. The main focus will be on Google applications, hence the ‘#UpdateWednesday’ title, but other apps wont get left out in the cold. If there’s an interesting update that catches my eye it will appear here too.

These roundups give a breakdown of what’s new and provide an opportunity to download the latest signed APKs before they hit the Play Store – we all know how frustrating a staged rollout can be!

If you think I’ve missed something, or want to get an app included in future roundups, let me know in the comments section below.

So without further ado – welcome everybody to the first #UpdateWednesday roundup!

TL;DR – A full list of download links is available at the bottom of the page (courtesy of APKMirror as always).

There were loads of updates this week due to Google I/O but most seem like bug fixes or minor updates to clean things up ready for the summer. There have been more exciting weeks. But still, here’s the list…

Google Photos

Version: 1.0.1 Download APK

Key changes:

  • Completely new UI based on the new Google Photos (now separate from Google+)
  • Auto-backup unlimited ‘High Quality’ photos without effecting your storage quota
  • Automatic category creation based on your photos subjects
  • New search based on your photos subjects


Version: 1.8 Download APK

Key changes (staged server-side rollout):

  • Open to all users (no more invites needed!)
  • New ‘Trip’ bundle type
  • Email signatures
  • Undo support for sent emails
  • Integration with Google Keep reminders
  • Setting to choose ‘Done’ or ‘Delete’ swipe action


Version: 10.21.57 Download APK

Key changes:

  • Support added for viewing 360 degree videos using Google Cardboard


Version: 2.5.050 Download APK

Key changes:

  • Shiny new focus animation
  • Improved HDR speed
  • Thumbnail gallery icon in the bottom right

Google Keyboard

Version: 4.1.22063 Download APK

Key changes:

  • Personal dictionary sync across devices
  • Added the ability to access emoji from a physical keyboard
  • Text correction aggressiveness level has been removed – it’s now just on or off


Version: 4.0.1 (Android M port) Download APK

Key changes:

  • Setting to choose week start day (Saturday, Sunday or Monday)

Google Cardboard

Version: 1.5 Download APK

Key changes:

  • Just general bug fixes and improvements ready for Cardboard v2.0 by the looks of it


Version: 5.6.0 Download APK

Key changes:

  • Removes Photos shortcuts when installed alongside the new Google Photos app

Google Play Store

Version: 5.6.8 Download APK

Key changes:

  • New ‘Family’ category
  • Updated parental controls

 Google Play Services

Version: 7.5.73 Download APK

Key changes:

  • None found so far – so assume just minor bug fixes.

 Full list of APK links:


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