Ubuntu Server Setup (Overview)

I have been using a Ubuntu based home server for about 6 months now. I needed a central place to store all my media and files and I wanted to try out Ubuntu anyway, so it was a worthwhile experiment.

I had very little experience with any Linux distro’s at that point so the process of making sure the server did everything I wanted it to was a long and winding one, with lots of failures and reboots along the way.


Leap Motion Deck.js extension and some updates

I have put together an extension for the desk.js JavaScript library, it enables slide navigation using gestures with the Leap Motion.

It’s really easy to install and enables swipe based gesture navigation of the presentation slides, see the new deck.leap.js repo for further information or check out the demo. It is basic at the moment but works well enough to be useful. Continue…

Bringing back the blog

The blog is back! I decided to take down the old blog some time ago, along with the ‘Schnipz Web Design‘ website, when I stopped being self employed. I never found the time to write regularly and most projects I was working on were confidential anyway.

I have been putting a lot more effort into helping online development communities lately, thanks in no small part to the launch of Google+, and decided that a central place to put my ideas and latest projects would once again be worthwhile. Continue…