Leap Motion Deck.js extension and some updates

I have put together an extension for the desk.js JavaScript library, it enables slide navigation using gestures with the Leap Motion.

It’s really easy to install and enables swipe based gesture navigation of the presentation slides, see the new deck.leap.js repo for further information or check out the demo. It is basic at the moment but works well enough to be useful.

I will be building in further functionality soon, here are some things I have on the TODO list:

  • Navigate multiple slides based on finger count
  • Scale presentation (pinch-to-zoom style)
  • Continually skip through slides using circle gestures
  • Swipe up/down to show menus

There is a new ‘deck.js‘ demo in the leap-motion-demos repo that shows it being used in a vanilla presentation. I have also created a new site with all the demo’s up and running so you can test them without downloading the original files. You can view them here.

All the demo’s have been updated to the latest version of the LeapJS API to work with the new SDK v0.7.5.

This was not entirely without fuss it has to be said, as the two demo’s I did last week are now a little bit jumpy as a result. Something subtle has obviously changed and I haven’t had time to fully investigate why yet, but that is why they can now be a bit jerky at times.

On a final note: The deck.leap.js extension is using a custom set of gestures as I am getting very inconsistent results from the new built-in gestures API. But that is a story for another post…