Leap Motion Chrome extension update – they beat me to it!

It was recently revealed that there will be official OS gesture control available for the Leap Motion, including mouse/touch events such as browser control.

This is awesome and I have embedded the official video below so you can check it out. Unfortunately it does pretty much exactly what I was aiming for with my Chrome Motion extension!

Due to this I have paused development on the extension for a spell so I can see if there is any way I can integrate it with the new gesture control, and possibly fill in any blanks to make it more useful to the end user. Continue…

Leap Motion Deck.js extension and some updates

I have put together an extension for the desk.js JavaScript library, it enables slide navigation using gestures with the Leap Motion.

It’s really easy to install and enables swipe based gesture navigation of the presentation slides, see the new deck.leap.js repo for further information or check out the demo. It is basic at the moment but works well enough to be useful. Continue…