Bringing back the blog

The blog is back! I decided to take down the old blog some time ago, along with the ‘Schnipz Web Design‘ website, when I stopped being self employed. I never found the time to write regularly and most projects I was working on were confidential anyway.

I have been putting a lot more effort into helping online development communities lately, thanks in no small part to the launch of Google+, and decided that a central place to put my ideas and latest projects would once again be worthwhile.

So here it begins… Over the next week or so I will be creating a custom theme for the new blog, so bare with me if it looks a bit funky at times. I will also be putting back some previous posts that I was quite fond of asap, and hopefully spending some time working with the pre-release version of the Leap Motion hardware which is in the post as we speak!

I will keep you updated on this as I go. It can offer some really exciting possibilities if you have never heard of it before, take a look here: for more info. It should be good fun!